I was the pickiest eater in the world. As a kid, corn was my only “vegetable". It wasn’t until college when things started to slowly change. I started sneaking up on new foods and allowing myself to risk on better food choices.

I know the frustrating struggles families have with eating. I create Lalo’s Lunchbox Distance Learning to help parents, caregivers, and teachers introduce their young ones to     healthy foods.

I also created a Lalo's Lunchbox healthy eating video pilot for kids! Watch it for FREE.

Lalo’s Lunchbox is in partnership with the Ellyn Satter Institute. Ellyn is a registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Family Therapist and an internationally recognized authority on eating and feeding for over 40 years. Ellyn’s work, research, and food philosophy is the foundation of what I do.

All kids can love eating well. Don’t lose hope! Let’s work together to lift up your kids amazing food ability!

Eat well!