Go Bananas With Lalo!
run time: 3:45 minutes
Ages 4 and up will learn:
1) When a lunchbox can't stop sprouting bananas, call for backup.
2) Helping is all about making it easier for someone by giving your time and service.


Attack Of The English Muffins!
run time: 3:12 minutes
Learn what to do with excess ingredients when Lalo and friends duck and dodge never ending amounts of English muffins!

Find Wild Bananas With Lalo!
run time: 5:33 minutes
Ages 4 and up will learn:
1) Magic lunchboxes are full of surprises.
2) How banana plants grow.
3) The many wonderful uses for banana plants.


You put WHAT on your pizza?!
run time: 2:07 mins
Follow Lalo as he visits Urban Roots Minnesota. Kids will learn about healthy pizza toppings that grow in gardens.

Lalo Becomes A Cartoon?!
run time: 3:13 minutes
Ages 4 and up will learn:
1) What happens when you stick your hand into a magic lunchbox.
2) How to ripen green bananas.


Watch The Amazing Food Race!
run time: 3:50 mins
Hey sports fans! Your kids will giggle and snort watching this educational video about a healthy winning food combination! 

Make Banana Wraps with Lalo!
run time: 2:04 minutes
Lalo and Daisy show kids how to make this tasty healthy lunch. Children will follow step by step instructions as Lalo and Daisy prepare "appealing" banana peanut butter wraps!


Make Mini Margherita Pizzas!
run time: 2:12 mins
Kids will learn how to jazz up cheese pizza with fresh tomato and basil. This simple recipe takes minutes and is super-duper yummy!